Patent White Space Analysis

Having carried out a few of these sorts of searches, I think its worthwhile explaining what I think they should be used for. White Space analysis helps the inventor identity new applications to their own technologies, previously not thought of. This should be done regularly as new technologies are emerging all the time. Synergies mayContinue reading “Patent White Space Analysis”

Hydrogen as a Fuel

Green Hydrogen (made using green energy and low carbon emissions) is attracting major investment and Wrights Bus in Ballymena is not only making Hydrogen Powered Buses but is now considering manufacture of Hydrogen using electricity generated by Wind Power, see here for more details. The patent landscape for hydrogen production is interesting and a snapContinue reading “Hydrogen as a Fuel”

Blockchain and Logistics

Hyperledger and Blockchain technologies have been discussed as useful tools to overcome Brexit border problems in Ireland and elsewhere. This has yet to be established however the use of Blockchain in Logistics is becoming an area of real innovation. This figure shows a recent dip in relevant patent applications starting in 2017 and the mainContinue reading “Blockchain and Logistics”

Patent Search Results IPC v CPC

Patent Databases have a clever and very useful targeted Classification Systems, the two most important ones are called the International Patent Classification (IPC) or the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC). Instead of using text to find relevant documents, you can use a classification code which can be very specific for a particular invention, e.g. a usefulContinue reading “Patent Search Results IPC v CPC”