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Patentability of Computer Implemented Simulations

A recent decision from the Enlarged Board related to European patent application 03793825.5, published as international application WO 2004/023347, entitled “Simulation of the movement of an autonomous entity through an environment”. The invention relates in particular to the modelling and the simulation of movements of a pedestrian in an environment. The simulation of an individualContinue reading “Patentability of Computer Implemented Simulations”

What is Patent White Space?

Patent White Space is a term used to describe possible new patentable subject matter not yet claimed by another company. It is an important process in R&D, especially for advanced long term scoping. By identifying this White Space, your company could dominate a new emerging technology. Although many ways exist to carry out White SpaceContinue reading “What is Patent White Space?”

PEB Exam Results

These exams are very difficult and examiners give notoriously few marks for answer content. If you compare the UK Patent Attorney exam system with the EQE one, there is much more help with the EQEs and although major problems arose during the EQE exams this year (2021), you can provide feedback and expect some sortContinue reading “PEB Exam Results”


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