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EPO and JEB should talk

EQE D1 had a major problem yesterday but was not a knock out blow, just a head wrecker for 30 minutes, marking schedules will account for the issue; today was much better (EQE A). JEB should not allow scanning of documents like Figures, as Figures (like in EQE A paper) should be numbered in theContinue reading “EPO and JEB should talk”

Good Luck with the EQEs!

The European Patent Attorney Qualification Exams start next Tuesday, they are online using WiseFlow and some clever Facial Recognition software. Its likely to end the hiring of halls and making people travel to sit them. At least they have removed the need to scan and upload documents which was a problem for me in theContinue reading “Good Luck with the EQEs!”

Patent Landscapes

A patent landscape is not the same as a patentability or novelty search. It provides an overview of your new and old competitors patent activity (published patent applications) over time. Non patent information like Trade Mark applications, papers and social media posts may be included as these give an idea of real products/services to beContinue reading “Patent Landscapes”

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